Find out why over 15,000 retailers trust Pointy to get their products online and more people in their store.

"Our traditional method of advertising in newspapers wasn't working anymore. We installed Pointy and within a day, we were getting phone calls from people who saw us on the internet!"

Keith Schumaker

Talbots Toyland

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Cognition Cyclery

Taylor Kopf

"We hadn't really spent a lot of time or money building an online presence for our products. We thought it would be an easy way to broaden our horizons online."

Standard 5 & 10

Michelle Leopold

"For me the hardest task is reaching new customers. Pointy has helped massively with this – now when someone does a simple Google search for a product that we stock, they get directed to our store”.

Emerson Oliva

Los Altos True Value Hardware

"I decided to install Pointy in the store because of the ease of use it provided. The installation took 30 seconds, it was a no brainer. It does bring everything I need it to online."

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With Local Inventory Ads products are featured visually along with store information to nearby shoppers searching with Google.

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