Get more customers in your store with Pointy

Getting new customers is hard, especially when competitors seem to have endless budgets. However, more and more people are using Google to look up products and stores near them. It's a big win if you can get your store in front of these people - which is exactly what Pointy does.

Get Started

NRHA members can connect to Pointy through two methods

  • Connect to Pointy directly through your POS system.
  • Populates your products online as you scan at your register.
  • POS integration is available for free for the POS systems listed above.
  • Pointy device connects between your barcode scanner and your POS.
  • Populates your products online as you scan at your register.

POS Integration

Pointy Device

What Pointy does

Get your products on Google

Install Pointy onto your POS and we put your in-store products onto Google on your own Pointy page. Searchers can see that you stock what they want and get directions to come in-store and make the sale.

Retailer dashboard

Get access to an easy-to-understand retailer dashboard that shows you crucial information on what people are searching for, your most popular products, and how your Pointy page is performing.

See What's In Store

When people use Google to search for products or a hardware store near them, let them see what's in your store (it's in the name!) right there on Google's homepage. They can search your products or click through onto your Pointy page. They make a search and you can make a sale.

Local Inventory Ads

Making effective ads just got easy. In two clicks, you choose a location and budget you want to spend. We'll show people on Google your products when they make a relevant search like "cordless drill [your location]" or "hardware store near me".

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