Increase your hardware store sales.

Pointy is designed for retailers looking to drive online traffic directly to their store.

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"I decided to install Pointy in the store because of the ease of use it provided. The installation took 30 seconds, it was a no brainer. It does bring everything I need it to online. ."

Emerson Oliva

Los Altos True Value Hardware

Pointy works by connecting our small device, called a Pointy box, between a Point-Of-Sale and barcode scanner. As you scan products, the box automatically puts your store's products online.

Products Added To Pointy Page

The box connects between a barcode scanner and POS system. As you scan, Pointy automatically uploads your products to a Pointy page, finding the correct names and images from the product barcode.

Plug In & Scan

There is no data entry needed on your part. Your products will automatically appear on your Pointy page as you scan. Opening hours, directions and stock levels will be displayed on the page too.

Show In Google Search

Show on the Google Search Results page when a customer is searching for a product you stock near your store location. Your Pointy page will direct the right to your store.

How it works

We make searching your in-store inventory even more convenient. People can search your inventory and check your stock status without leaving Google.

Local Inventory Ads is our premium

add-on feature. It helps you compete with your biggest competitors for your best-selling goods. 

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Run highly targeted ads

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