Help customers find essential product information

What Pointy does

Pointy Page

Get your products on Google

Download Pointy onto your POS and when you scan your products, they upload onto your store's Pointy page, a product website that shows your products, opening hours, and contact information.

Retailer dashboard

Get access to an easy-to-understand retailer dashboard that shows you crucial information on what people are searching for, your most popular products, and how your Pointy page is performing.

Retailer Dashboard
See What's In Store

See What's In Store

Show your products on your Business Profile on Google through Google's See What's In Store (SWIS) feature. Customers can browse your products or check if you have a particular item.

Local Inventory Ads

Attract nearby shoppers searching for your products on Google. Just choose your location and budget. We'll show people on Google your products when they make a relevant search for a product near them.

Local Inventory Ads

What our customers say

David Strano, Ambridge Do It Best
"My thinking was simple: hey if I get these items online and people know about them, I'll attract new customers. Pointy is definitely worth it, especially if you want to get your store on the map. It's easy to install – the whole thing took a matter of minutes"
David Strano, Ambridge Do It Best
Michelle Leopold, Standard 5&10 Ace, San Francisco
"For me, the hardest task is reaching new customers. Pointy has helped massively with this—now when someone does a simple Google search for a product we stock, they're directed to our store."

Frequently asked questions

1. I am already using a Pointy device. How do I switch over to using Pointy on my POS?
Contact to start using Pointy on your POS.
2. What information/data does Pointy receive when I connect it to my POS?
Pointy integrates with Paladin via a custom API (application programming interface). We then find an image and description to match each one from our comprehensive database. This then goes on your Pointy page. To get the most out of Pointy, we need access to your POS inventory, stock levels and sales history (to estimate stock levels on your page). Your store's data is important to us and we ensure that it is protected at all times.
3. How do I access my Pointy page?
After you sign up to Pointy you will receive an email from us to create a login for your Pointy page. Once you have created your login details, you can access your Pointy page by going to
4. How much does Pointy cost?
The core Pointy service is completely free for integration partner users. The core service includes your Pointy page, retailer dashboard, organic listing of your products on Google, and access to SWIS.
5. How does Pointy make money?
While Pointy is free for integrations/downloads with our integration partners, we offer a Pointy box for traditional POS users. The box connects between their POS and barcode scanner. It normally retails at $899. We also offer premium services, such as Local Inventory Ads.