Supercharge your retail store sales

We help retailers drive online customers directly to their physical retail store by getting in-store products online instantly.

Pointy is your digital storefront, showing local people the products you stock, their availability, and useful store information like opening hours and directions.

Turn online searches into in-store sales

Instant digital storefront

Showcase your products to online shoppers

Drive in-store revenue

Pointy gives your store a digital footprint, directing shoppers to your store who are searching on Google for products you stock.

With Local Inventory Ads you can showcase your in-store products through effective, easy and targeted advertising.

With an instant connection to online customers, you can scoop up sales from customers who wouldn't have known about your store before.

Pointy gives us the ability to leverage our online presence in a way that gets more customers into our store. We’ve worked very hard to create a unique in-store experience and it’s great to be able to share that with even more customers.

Brenda Isgitt, Kiss The Cook

Getting your products online is easy

Pointy connects between your barcode scanner and POS. As you scan, Pointy automatically uploads your products to a Pointy page online, using the correct names and images from the product barcode.

You don't need to do any tricky data entry as your products will automatically appear on your Pointy page as you scan them. Your opening hours, directions and stock levels will be displayed on the page too.

Reach shoppers who are near your store and who are searching on Google for products you stock. Your Pointy page will direct customers to your store - so they make a search and you can make a sale. 

Plug In & Scan

Products Added To Your Pointy Page

Reach Nearby Customers

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Get exclusive access to Google's See What's In Store, where people can see what's in stock in your store in Google's search results.

With Local Inventory Ads, you can reach customers who are searching for your products by easily creating effective ads.

See What's In Store (SWIS)

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We make sure you get more customers in your store by putting your products online and in front of potential customers.

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